A Very, Very Special Cruise in the Eastern Malay Archipelago, With the Co-discoverer of Evolution by Natural Selection's Great Grandson!

In February 1858 Alfred Russel Wallace discovered natural selection while suffering from malaria in the remote village of Dodinga on Halmahera Island in Indonesia's beautiful Maluku Islands. He published the idea jointly with Charles Darwin in August that year and Darwin went on to write a book to back it up - his Origin of Species, which went on sale in November 1859. In October 2024 Wallace's great grandson Bill will be aboard SeaTrek's "In Search of Wallace and His Living Treasures" boutique cruise from the Malukus to New Guinea. On the 5th, guests will visit Dodinga and Bill will unveil a monument to mark the site of his illustrious ancestor's profound insight. The monument is a collaboration between the Government of North Maluku, SeaTrek and the Wallace Memorial Fund (UK). Wallace scholar Dr George Beccaloni, Chair of the Memorial Fund, will give a series of talks about Wallace and the wildlife of Indonesia during the cruise. Bill Wallace will also be presenting a talk.

More Information:
i). About the cruise: https://www.seatrekbali.com/cruise/seatrek-in-search-of-wallace-and-his-living-treasures-with-dr-george-beccaloni-ternate-sorong/
ii). The story of how Wallace came to publish his theory with Darwin: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/350604618_Alfred_Russel_Wallace_and_natural_selection_the_real_story#fullTextFileContent
ii). The story of Wallace in Dodinga: https://wallacefund.myspecies.info/content/dodinga-birthplace-wallaces-theory-natural-selection
iv). Profile of the 'Ship's Naturalist' George Beccaloni: https://www.seatrekbali.com/experts/dr-george-beccaloni/

PHOTOS: Right, Dodinga village; Below, SeaTrek's ship Ombak Putih (White Wave) in Dodinga Bay, with Tidore volcano in the background.

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