Fund publicity

Radio programmes

Richard Wallace, George Beccaloni and Sandy Knapp (Botany Dept., The Natural History Museum) were interviewed about the project for Radio 4's Today Programme (broadcast at about 7.45AM on Friday 20th August, 1999).

Richard Wallace & George Beccaloni were interviewed on the BBC World Service, Discussion (broadcast on 14th April 2000).

George Beccaloni and Sandy Knapp were interviewed about the project for Radio 4's Today Programme (broadcast in the morning of 14th April 2000).


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Web articles

Anon. 2006. Natural history legend monument.

Anon. 2006. The Wallace day.

Beccaloni, G. W. 2008. A very famous resident of Usk.

Williams, T. 2006. Welshman who evolved Darwin's original idea.

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