Plants and animals named after Wallace

By George Beccaloni

"I have named one of these very beautiful new butterflies after its discoverer Mr. Wallace. No naturalists who have ever yet left the shores of Europe to explore the unknown glories of the tropics have so well deserved the gratitude of entomologists as Mr. Wallace and Mr. Bates have done, and if they had taken their collections to the Continent they might have had their names repeated ad nauseam, but I do not believe that this would have been to the taste of my countrymen. Such a mark of the approbation of his brother naturalists might have been considered an honour worth winning, if bestowed upon those only who have earned it by years of devotion to the cause, but when given indiscriminately, and to those who have never done anything to deserve it, it becomes of little value." So said the great lepidopterist William Chapman Hewitson in 1862. (Ill. exot. Butts [4] (Sospita II): [78]).

A large number of species and subspecies have been (and are still being) named after Alfred Russel Wallace (ARW), usually as wallacii or wallacei, often based on specimens he collected in Brazil and South-East Asia. Such names honouring a person are called eponyms (patronyms if they honour a man) and taxonomists usually only bestow them on people they admire - Adolf Hitler has two, I have four and Charles Darwin about 300 (although a number of these were not named directly after him, but instead after the town of Darwin etc). I suspect that the people with the record number of eponyms are probably Bates, Wallace, Darwin and Alexander von Humboldt.

The Index to Organism Names (ION) lists over 800 species/subspecies names which start with "wallac", but in order to be sure that a species/subspecies was named after Wallace and not another person with the same surname, it is necessary to examine the published species/subspecies description, which is sometime difficult to obtain (especially those published after about 1900 due to copyright issues). Please note that the list below is incomplete, but that I estimate that Wallace has 300+ patronyms. As of October 2017 there are 257 species on the list below.


I have tried to avoid listing species/subspecies not directly named after ARW, e.g. ones named after the Wallace Line, Wallacea, Project Wallace etc.

An "*" before a name means that the species/subspecies was based on specimens collected by other collectors NOT Wallace, and a "+" after the record means that it has been checked by me.

For more information about the specimens collected by Wallace in the Malay Archipelago see the following paper by Baker (2001). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF A very good paper assessing Wallace's contributions to South-East Asian ornithology, which contains a list of the species and subspecies of birds named after him is available as a pdf HERE

Single-celled organisms

*Pontosphaera wallacei Persico, 2013: 100. A fossil coccolithophore from the Oligocene-Miocene. +


*Peniophora wallacei Gorjón, 2012: 48. From Brazil. +

Peniophora wallacei. Copyright Sergio Pérez Gorjón.

Fossil plants

Araucarioxylon wallacei Knowlton in Ward, 1896: 495. Fossil wood from which this approximately 146 million year old tree was named was collected by ARW and Lester F. Ward on a trip to the Isle of Portland, Dorset in 1894. +

Living plants

Alsophila wallacei Mettenius in Kuhn, 1869: 153 (= Cyathea wallacei). A tree fern collected by ARW in Sarawak, Borneo. +

Specimen of Alsophila wallacei from London's Natural History Museum.

Acrocomia sclerocarpa var. wallaceana Drude, 1881 (= Acrocomia aculeata). Studied by ARW in Brazil. It was elevated to species level and afterwards synonymised.

*Begonia wallacei C. W. Lin & C.-I Peng, 2017: 248. A species from Sarawak, Borneo. +

*Phyllagathis wallacei Lin, Chen & Yang, 2017: 222. From Simunjan, Sarawak, Borneo. +

*A genus of palms was named Wallaceodoxa by Heatubun & Baker, 2014 to mark the centenary of Wallace's death. +

 Wallaceodoxa raja-ampat on Gag Island. Copyright Charlie Heatubun.

Fossil animals

*Cambroinyoella wallacei Lieberman, 2001. A Cambrian trilobite.

*Aquatilavipes wallacei Zonneveld et al., 2011. A fossil Oligocene shorebird from Sumatra, only known from footprints.


Achatina wallacei Pfeiffer, 1855 (= Glessula wallacei). A land snail collected by ARW in Sarawak, Borneo.

Callia wallacei Pfeiffer, 1862:117 (= Callianella wallacei). Collected by ARW on Seram Island.

Callia wallacei from the original description.

*Cryptospira wallacei Wakefield, 2010. A marine snail from the Makassar Strait, Indonesia .

Cyclostoma (Leptopomawallacei Pfeiffer, 1857: 112 (?= Leptopoma wallacei). A land snail collected by ARW in ? Original description says Borneo, and later authors say Aru Islands.

*Ditropopsis wallacei Greķe, 2014: 198. A land snail from Waigeo Is., Raja Ampat, Indonesia. +

*Fusinus wallacei Hadorn & Fraussen, 2006: 96. Collected in the Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia. +

Helix wallacei Pfeiffer, 1858: 20 (= Nanina wallacei). A land snail collected by ARW in Makassar, Sulawesi.

Helix wallacei from the original description.

*Lilliconus wallacei Lorenz & Morrison, 2004: 29 (= Conus wallacei), Wallace's Cone Shell. A marine snail from Pulau Kapoposang, Indonesia.

*Nassaria wallacei Fraussen, 2006: 34. Described from a specimen from the Kai Islands, Indonesia. +

Neritina wallacii Dohrn, 1861: 205 (= Clithon wallacei). Collected by ARW on the Aru Islands.

Neritina wallacii from the original description.

*Plectostoma wallacei Ancey, 1887: 276 (= Opisthostoma wallacei). A tiny land snail from Borneo.

Pythia wallacii Pfeiffer,1861 (= ?). Collected by ARW on Bacan Island.

Pythia wallacii
from the original description.

*Torresitrachia wallacei Willan, Köhler, Kessner & Braby, 2009. An Australian land snail.

Truncatella (Taheitiawallacei Adams, 1865: 416 (= ). Collected by ARW on Waigeo Island.

Truncatella (Taheitia) wallacei
from the original description.

*Vulnus wallacei Páll-Gergely, Otani & Hosoda, 2017. A land snail from Indonesia.

*A genus of marine air-breathing slugs from South-East Asia is named after him - Wallaconchis Goulding & Dayrat, 2018. Click HERE for more information.

Crustaceans (Crustacea)

*Psammogammarus wallacei Vonk et al., 2011. A marine amphipod from the Gura Ici Islands near Halmahera Island, Indonesia.

Mites (Acari)

*Acrotocepheus wallacei Mahunka, 1989: 386. From Singapore.

*Dolicheremaeus wallacei Mahunka, 1997: 681. From Brunei, Borneo.

*Ixobrychiphilus wallacei Skoracki, Zmudzinski & Solarczyk, 2017. A mite collected from quills of feathers of Ixobrychus cinnamomeus (Gmelin), the Cinnamon Bittern, from China.

Spiders (Araneae)

*Anelosimus wallacei Agnarsson, Veve & Kuntner, 2015: 41. A species from Madagascar. +

*Asceua wallacei Bosmans & Hillyard, 1990: 158. A species from Sulawesi. +

*Caerostris wallacei Gregorič, Blackledge, Agnarsson & Kuntner, 2015: 307. A species from Madagascar. +

Friula wallacii Pickard-Cambridge, 1896: 1009 (= Friula wallacei). Collected by ARW in Sarawak, Borneo. +

Friula wallacii from the original description.

*Plexippus wallacei Thorell, 1881: 628 (= Euryattus wallacei). From Australia. Probably named after ARW. +


Thrips (Thysanoptera)

*Ensiferothrips wallacei Mound & Tree, 2016: 578. From Sulawesi, named after ARW or Project Wallace. +

Mecynothrips wallacei Bagnall,1908. Collected by ARW in Dorey (Manokwari, West Papua).

Mecynothrips wallacei from the original description.

Lice (Phthiraptera)

*Brueelia wallacei Mey & Barker, 2014. This species parasitises fairy-bluebirds (Irenidae) in the Oriental region.

*Polyplax wallacei Durden, 1987. A species from Sulawesi.

Dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata)

Alloneura wallacii Selys Longchamps, 1886 (= Nososticta wallacii): 183. Probably collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Amphicnemis (Amphicnemiswallacii Selys Longchamps, 1863: 153. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Lestes wallacei Kirby, 1889: 302. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Teinobasis wallacei Campion, 1924: 612. Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Mayflies (Ephemeroptera)

*Platybaetis wallacei Tong & Dudgeon, 1999. A species from Sulawesi.

Earwigs (Dermaptera)

*Diplatys wallacei Bey-Bienko, 1959: 592 (= Haplodiplatys wallacei). A species from China not collected by ARW. 

Forficula wallacei Dohrn, 1865: 88 (= Marava arachidis). Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Labia wallacei Dohrn, 1864: 427 (= Marava arachidis). Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Nesogaster wallacei Burr, 1908: 45. collected by ARW in Sulawesi in 1861.

Cockroaches & termites (Blattodea)

Apsidopis wallacei Shelford, 1907 (= Stictomorphna geochroma (Walker, 1868)). Collected by ARW in Sarawak. This name is a synonym.

*Glyptopeltis wallacei Hanitsch, 1933: 331 (= Corydidarum wallacei). Collected by ARW on Ambon Island, Indonesia but named from a specimen from Borneo not collected by him.

Stick-insects (Phasmida)

Acanthoderus wallacei Westwood, 1859: 7 (= Neopromachus wallacei), Wallace's Stick-Insect. Collected by ARW in Aru.

Acanthoderus wallacei from the original description.

Grasshoppers, crickets etc (Orthoptera)

*Gryllotalpa wallace Tan, 2012: 57. A mole cricket from Singapore.

Bugs (Hemiptera)

*Apheliona wallacei Dworakowska, 1994: 254. A species from Brunei. +

Cosmoscarta wallacei Butler, 1874: 247. Collected by ARW in Dorey. +

Cosmoscarta wallacei from the original description.

Enithares wallacei Brooks, 1948: 47 (= Enithares horvathi). Collected by ARW in Sulawesi. It is a synonym.

Henicocephalus wallacei Distant, 1902: 174. Collected by ARW in Dorey, New Guinea.

*Miasa wallacei Muir, 1923: 561. From Thailand. +

Periaman wallacei Distant, 1916: 320. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

*Platylomia wallacei Beuk, 2012: 61 (= Champaka wallacei). A cicada from South-East Asia. +

Pristhesancus wallacei Distant, 1903: 250. Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

*Pyrgophyllium wallacei Breddin, 1902: 91 (= Pyrgauchenia wallacei). From Borneo. Probably named after ARW. +

Sarantus wallacei Stål, 1863: 592. Collected by ARW in Waigiu. +

Scopiastes wallacei Scudder, 1963: 397. The holotype is from the Aru Islands and was probably collected by ARW.

Tettigoniella wallacei Distant 1908: 143. Collected by ARW in Misol. +

Zoraida wallacei Muir, 1918: 206. Collected by ARW in Singapore. +

Lacewings and relatives (Neuroptera)

Semachrysa wallacei  Brooks, 1983: 24. Collected by ARW on Morotai Island.

Butterflies & Moths (Lepidoptera)

Apsarasa wallacei Moore, 1881: 359. Collected in Dorey by ARW.

*Archips wallacei Tuck, 1990. A moth collected during the Project Wallace expedition to Sulawesi, Indonesia in 1985.

*Arhopala wallacei Corbet, 1941: 155. A species from Sumatra, probably named after ARW.

Callidryas wallacei Felder & Felder, 1862: 68 (= Aphrissa wallacei), Wallace's Sulphur. Probably (?) collected by ARW in the Amazon.

Callithea wallacei Staudinger, in Staudinger & Schatz, 1886: 123 (= Asterope markii markii). Probably collected by ARW in Brazil.

*Catophaga wallacei Butler, 1898: 399. A species from New Caledonia and the New Hebrides not collected by ARW. +

*Charaxes wallacei Butler, 1872: 100 (= Charaxes affinis Butler, [1866]). Collected in Menado, Sulawesi by Meyer and probably named after ARW.

*Choaspes hemixanthus wallacei, 1991: 256. A skipper butterfly from Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, probably named after ARW.

Cyrtochila wallacei Felder, [1874]: plate 105, fig. 15 (= Ctimene intercisa Walker, [1865]). A species from New Guinea, possibly collected by ARW and probably named after him.

Cyrtochila wallacei from Felder, Felder & Rogenhofer, 1864-1875 (plate 105).

*Delias periboea var. wallacei Rothschild, 1892: 441. A species from Bali.

*Diadema wallaceana Butler, 1873: 157 (= Hypolimnas anomala wallaceana). A species from India.

*Eresia eunice wallacei Neild . From Venezuela.

Eumeta wallacei Swinhoe, 1892: 226. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Eriopus wallacei Felder, [1874]: plate 110, fig. 26 (= Callopistria wallacei). Collected on Amboina by Doleschall and probably named after ARW.

Eriopus wallacei from Felder, Felder & Rogenhofer, 1864-1875 (plate 110).

Euploea wallacei Felder & Felder, 1860: 231. Probably collected by ARW on Batchian Island.

Euploea wallacei from Felder, Felder & Rogenhofer, 1864-1875 (plate XXXIX)

*Heliconius wallacei Reakirt, 1866, Wallace's Longwing. Probably collected by Bates in the Amazon and probably named after ARW.

Junonia wallacei Distant, 1883: 95. Probably collected by ARW in Malacca.

Lebadea wallacei Moore, 1898: 160 (= Lebadea martha wallacei Moore, 1898). Collected by ARW in Sumatra.

Lycaena wallacei Felder & Felder, [1865]: 265 (= Danis wallacei). Collected by ARW on Waigeo Island.

Lycaena wallacei from Felder, Felder & Rogenhofer, 1864-1875

Messaras wallacei Felder & Felder, [1867]: 390 (= Cupha prosope wallacei). Collected by ARW on Waigeo Island.

Oxyptilus wallacei Fletcher, 1911: 346. Collected by ARW on Aru.

Papilio wallacei Hewitson, 1858: [5] (= Graphium wallacei). Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Papilio wallacei from the original description.

Pieris wallaceana Felder & Felder, [1865]: 168 (= Cepora perimale wallaceana). Collected by ARW on Waigeo Island.

Sospita wallacei Hewitson, 1862: [77] (= Praetaxila wallacei). Collected by ARW on Misoöl Island, Indonesia.

Syntomis wallacii Moore, 1859: 198 (= Amata wallacei). Collected by Horsfield in Java and probably named after ARW.

*Theope wallacei Hall, 1998, Wallace's Theope. A species from Central and South America.

Zeuxidia wallacei Felder & Felder, [1866]: 461 (= Zeuxidia amethystus wallacei). From Borneo, probably collected by ARW.

Zeuxidia wallacei from Felder, Felder & Rogenhofer, 1864-1875 (plate LXII)

Beetles (Coleoptera)

Acorynus wallacei Jordan, 1926: 146. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Adelocera wallacei Candèze, 1874:26. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Agelasta wallacii White, 1856: 214 (= Choeromorpha wallacei). Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Agelasta wallacii from White (1855).

*Anomala wallacei Zorn, 2011: 373. From North Sulawesi, Indonesia. +

Anomotarus wallacei Darlington, 1968: 188. Probably collected by ARW at Dory. +

Anthribus wallacei Pascoe, 1860: 47 (= Platystomos wallacei). Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands.

Aphthona wallacei Baly, 1877a: 178 (= Aphthona strigosa). Collected by ARW on Flores Island, Indonesia. This species is a synonym.

Apocyrtus wallacei Pascoe, 1871: 156 (= Sphenomorpha wallacei). Collected by ARW on Batchian (Bacan) Island, Indonesia.

Apoderus (Cysnotracheluswallacei Faust, 1890: 166. A species from east Sulawesi possibly named after ARW.

Arachnopus wallacei Pascoe, 1871: 258. Collected by ARW on Gilolo (Halmahera) Island, Indonesia.

Arsipoda wallacei Baly, 1877a: 285. Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Arrhenotus wallacei Pascoe, 1858: 242 (= Tmesisternus (Arrhenotuswallacei). Collected by ARW in Makassar, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.

Aulacophora wallacei Baly, 1886a: 15. Collected by ARW on Timor Island.

Aulexis wallacei Baly, 1865. Collected by ARW in Sarawak, Singapore and Sulawesi.

Batocera wallacei Thomson, 1858b: 447. Wallace's Longhorn Beetle. Collected by ARW on the Aru Islands, Indonesia.

Batocera wallacei from the original description.

Beccaria wallacei Gorham, 1897: 463 (= Beccariola wallacei). Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands.

Beccaria wallacei from the original description.

Belus wallacei Pascoe, 1874: 26 (= Rhinotia wallacei). Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands.

Brachypeplus wallacei Murray, 1864: 300. Collected by ARW in Mysol Island.

Callilanguria wallacii Crotch, 1876: 381. Collected by ARW in Sumatra.

Calodema wallacei Deyrolle, 1864: 78. A species from New Guinea collected by ARW.

Calodema wallacei from the original description.

Cassena wallacei Bryant, 1962: 374. Collected in Dorey, New Guinea by ARW.

Cerophysa wallacii Baly, 1877b: 227. A species from Sumatra probably collected by ARW.

Ceratus wallacei Fleutiaux, 1899: 225. Collected in Borneo by ARW.

Chaetocnema wallacei Baly, 1877a: 171. Collected by ARW on Mount Ophir, Malacca (Malaysia).

Chalcophora (Evideswallacei Thomson, 1857: 109 (= Epidelus wallacei). Possibly collected by ARW in Borneo.

Chrysochroa wallacei Deyrolle, 1864: 5. Probably collected by ARW in Malacca and Borneo.

Calodema wallacei Deyrolle, 1864, Wallace's Jewel Beetle. Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Calonecrus wallacei Thomson, 1857: 117. Possibly collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Catascopus wallacei Saunders, 1863 from the original description. 

Catascopus wallacei Saunders, 1863: 462. Collected by ARW on Misoöl Island, Waigeo Island and Manokwari, Indonesia.

Chilocorus wallacii Crotch, 1874: 187. Collected by ARW in Batchian, Ternate and Gilolo.

Chlamys wallacei Baly, 1865 (= ?). Collected by ARW on Ambon Island.

Chlaenius wallacei Chaudoir, 1876: 134. Collected by ARW on Sulawesi.

Chrysobothris wallacei Saunders, 1871: 100. A species from Malacca possibly collected by ARW.

Chrysochroa wallacei Deyrolle, 1864, Resplendent jewel beetle. Collected by ARW in Malaysia.

Chrysodema wallacei Deyrolle, 1864: 15. A species from Amboina collected by ARW.

Cicindela wallacei Bates, 1874 (= Enantiola wallacei) (Wallace's tiger beetle). Collected in Sulawesi by ARW.

Cladognathus wallacei Parry, 1862: 109 (= Prosopocoilus wallacei) (Wallace's stag beetle). Collected by ARW in Halmahera.

Clivina wallacei Putzeys, 1867: 127. Collected by ARW in Sulawesi.

*Clytus wallacei White, 1855: 259 (= Mecometopus wallacei). Collected by Henry Walter Bates in Brazil.

Coelophora wallacii Crotch, 1874: 156. Collected by ARW from Kai and Batchian Islands.

Copelatus wallacei Balfour-Browne, 1939: 73. Collected in Batchian by ARW.

Coptengis wallacii Crotch, 1876: 404. Collected by ARW in Batchian (Bacan) Island, Indonesia.

Cryptarcha wallacei Reitter, 1875: 119. Possibly collected by ARW in Batchian.

Cryptocephalus wallacei Baly,1865. Collected by ARW on Timor Island.

Cryptolaemus wallacii Crotch, 1874: 204. Collected by ARW from Gilolo (Halmahera) Island.

*Cylidrus wallacei Thomson, 1860: 47. Described from specimens from Borneo which may have been collected by Wallace and probably named after him.

Cyobius wallacei Sharp, 1875a: 49: Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Cyriopalus wallacei Pascoe, 1866: 530, Wallace's Cyriopalus Beetle. Collected by ARW in Sarawak, Borneo.

Cyriopalus wallacei from the original description.

Cyphogastra wallacei Deyrolle, 1864: 41. A species from Batchian Island collected by ARW.

Cyrtomorphus wallacei Crotch, 1876: 437. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Demotina wallacei Baly, 1865 (= ?). Collected by ARW in Sulawesi.

Diatelium wallacei Pascoe,1863, Long-necked Shining Fungus Beetle. Collected by ARW in Sumatra and Sarawak, Borneo.

Long-necked Shining Fungus Beetle, Diatelium wallacei
from the original description.

Distaphyla wallacei Pascoe, 1863. Collected by ARW on Misoöl Island, Indonesia.

Ditropidus wallacei Baly, 1877c: 379. Collected by ARW on Misoöl Island, Indonesia.

*Ecoporanga wallacei Monné & Monné, 2014. A cerambycid beetle from Ecuador.

Ectocemus wallacei Pascoe, 1862: 388 (= Ectocemus decemmaculatus (Montrouzier, 1855)). Collected by ARW on Bacan Island. This name is a synonym.

Ectatorhinus wallacei Lacordaire, 1866: 54. Collected by ARW in Sarawak, Borneo.

Ectatorhinus wallacei from The Malay Archipelago.

Encaustes wallacii Crotch, 1876: 478. Collected by ARW in "Tonda" (probably Tondáno plateau, Sulawesi Island).

Entelopes wallacei Pascoe, 1856: 46 (= Entelopes (Wallaceentelopes) wallacei. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Euops wallacei Sharp, 1889: 55 (= Euops (Guineoeuops) wallacei). Collected by ARW in Dorey, New Guinea.

*Euphitrea wallacei, Baly, 1875: 27. Perhaps not collected by ARW but probably named after him. Described from specimens from Sumatra and Java.

Galerucella wallacei Baly, 1886b: 34. Collected by ARW in Dorey, New Guinea.

Glenea wallacei Gahan, 1897: 482. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Gonophora wallacei Baly, 1858: 109 (= Agonita (Agonita) wallacei). Collected by ARW in Borneo.

Heterochilus wallacei Kuwert, 1898: 334 (= Aceraius wallacei). Collected by ARW in Sarawak. +

Hyberis wallacei Pascoe, 1863. Collected by ARW in Sarawak, Borneo.

Hylesinus wallacei Blandford, 1896: 197 (= Ficicis wallacei). Collected by ARW on Mysol Island.

Hyphasis wallacei Baly, 1878b: 315. Collected by ARW in Malacca, Malaysia.

Ithystenus wallacei Pascoe,1862: 390. Collected by ARW on Mysol (Misoöl) Island, Indonesia.

Lacon wallacei Candèze, 1874: 80. From Sulawesi, probably collected by ARW.

*Lamprodila (Ovalisia) wallacei Levey, 2016: 143. From Sulawesi. +

Lema wallacei Jacoby, 1884: 10. A species from Sumatra not collected by ARW, but probably named after him.

Adoretus (Lepadoretus) wallacei Ohaus, 1914: 510. Collected by ARW in Singapore.

Lomaptera wallacei Thomson, 1858b: 426 (= Ischiopsopha wallacei). Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands.

Lomaptera wallacei from the original description.

Longitarsus wallacei Baly, 1877a: 292. Collected by ARW in Sulawesi.

Macratria wallacei Champion, 1916: 203. Collected by ARW in Waigiou.

Mecocerus wallacei Pascoe, 1860: 43. Probably collected by ARW in Borneo.

Microcossonus wallacei Wollaston, 1873: 603. Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Monolepta wallacei Baly, 1888: 166. Collected by ARW in Sulawesi.

Nodostoma wallacei Baly, 1865. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

*Omoglymmius wallacei Bell & Bell, 1988. A beetle from Sulawesi.

Onthophagus wallacei Harold,1871: 114. Probably collected by ARW in the Sunda Islands and Sulawesi.

Ortalia wallacii Crotch,1874: 276 (= Apolinus lividigaster wallacii). Collected by ARW from Aru and Salwalty.

*Oxycephala wallacei Baly, 1887: 270. A species from the Solomon Islands not collected by ARW, but probably named after him.

Pachycraerus wallacei Marseul, 1864: 311 (= Procoryphaeus wallacei). Collected by ARW in Dorey. +

Paropsis wallacei Baly,1865. Collected by ARW in Manokwari, West Papua.

Phyllocharis wallacei Baly, 1861: 292. Probably collected by ARW (on Bacan Island).

Prasyptera wallacei Baly, 1878a: 412. Probably collected by ARW in from Dorey, New Guinea and probably named after him.

Pseudocophora wallacei Baly, 1888: 173. Collected by ARW in Bouru Island .

Platynaspis wallacii Crotch, 1874: 198. Collected by ARW from Flores Island.

Platypus wallacei Thomson, 1858a: 343 (= Crossotarsus wallacei). Collected by ARW in Borneo.

Rhaphipodus wallacii Pascoe, 1869: 669. A Prioninae beetle collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Rhinosimus wallacei Pascoe, 1861: 128 (= Platysalpingus wallacei). Collected by ARW in Dorey (Manokwari, West Papua).

*Rhynchites (Cartorhynchiteswallacei Voss, 1935: 103. This species is found in Sumatra and Java and was probably named after ARW.

Rhyparida wallacei Baly, 1865, Wallace's Leaf Beetle. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Scolocnemus wallacei Kirsch, 1875: 39. Probably collected in Malacca (Malaysia) by ARW.

Sphaeromorphus wallacei Pascoe, 1860: 43 (= Cyphopisthes wallacei). Probably collected by ARW (in Sarawak).

Sutrea wallacei Baly, 1876: 438. From Dorey. Probably collected by ARW.

Symphyletes wallacei Pascoe, 1864: 77 (= Rhytiphora wallacei). Collected by ARW in the Matabello Islands, Indonesia.

Tachys wallacei Andrewes, 1925: 490 (= Tachyta wallacei). Collected by ARW in New Guinea. 

Thallis? wallacii Crotch, 1876: 400 (= Neothallis wallacii). Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands.

Therates wallacei Thomson, 1857: 131. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

*Tomoderus wallacei Telnov, 2005: 124. From North Sulawesi, Indonesia. +

Tricondyla wallacei Thomson, 1857: 132. Collected by ARW in Sarawak.

Xenidea wallacei Baly, 1877a: 318. Collected by ARW in Sulu Islands.

Xestoderma wallacei Wollaston, 1873: 641. Collected by ARW on Seram and Ternate.

Xyleborus wallacei Blandford, 1896: 220 (= Euwallacea wallacei). Collected by ARW in Dorey, New Guinea.

*Ypsiloncyphon wallacei Hiroyuki, 2015: 483. A species from Sulawesi.

*Beetle genera named after him are: Wallacedela Cassola, 1991: 577 (Cicindelinae - tiger beetles) and Wallacea Baly 1858: 97 (hispine beetles).

Caddisflies (Trichoptera)

Macronema wallacei McLachlan, 1866: 262 (= Macrostemum wallacei). Collected by ARW in New Guinea.

Macronema wallacei from the original description.

Flies (Diptera)

*Achias wallacei McAlpine, 1994: 184. A fly from Papua New Guinea.

Elaphomyia wallacei Saunders, 1861 (= Phytalmia megalotis Gerstaecker, 1860). Collected by ARW in Manokwari, West Papua. This name is a synonym.

Elaphomyia wallacei from The Malay Archipelago.

*Euphranta wallacei Hancock & Whitmore, 2015: 25. A species from Sulawesi.

*Megistogaster wallacei Brauer and Bergenstamm, 1889: 127 (= Megistogastropsis alulifera Walker, 1860). From Indonesia. +

Monoceromyia wallacei Shannon, 1927. Collected by ARW in Sulawesi.

Pseudepicausta wallacei Hendel, 1914: 117. Collected by ARW in New Guinea. +

Ants, Bees & Wasps (Hymenoptera)

*Anthophora wallacei Cockerell, 1907: 226 (= Amegilla wallacei). A bee from Amboina Island.

*Anaphes wallacei Girault, 1912: 147 (= Ceratanaphes wallacei). A mymarid wasp from Queensland, Australia. Not collected by ARW.

*Augochlora wallacei Cockerell, 1900 (= Augochloropsis wallacei). A bee from Brazil.

Braunsia wallacei Turner, 1918: 224. A braconid wasp from "Dorei, New Guinea" collected by ARW.

*Ceratina sexmaculata var. wallacei Cockerell 1905b: 324 (= Ceratina smaragdula (Fabr.)). A species from Sulawesi probably named after ARW. +

*Crocisa wallacei Cockerell, 1905a: 218 (= Thyreus wallacei). A bee from Ternate Island.

*Doddifoenus wallacei Burks & Krogmann, 2009: 24. A giant parasitic chalcid wasp from Laos and Thailand.

*Epentastichus wallacei Girault, 1915c: 253 [Replacement name for Epentastichus sexguttatus (Girault, 1913)] (= Aprostocetus wallacei). Probably named after ARW.

*Erythromorpha wallacei Cameron, 1912: 218 (= Echthromorpha plagiata (Smith 1858)). An ichumonid wasp from Aru probably named after ARW. Regarded as a synonym.

Hoplopria wallacei Dodd, 1920: 374 (= Spilomicrus wallacei). A wasp collected by ARW on Buru Island.

*Iphiaulax wallacei Cameron 1903: 108. A braconid wasp from Sarawak.

*Megascogaster wallacei Kittel, 2014: 375. A braconid wasp from Sulawesi.

*Megalomyrmex wallacei Mann, 1916: 445. An ant from Brazil. Probably named after ARW.

Montezumia wallacei Meade–Waldo 1910: 47. Collected by ARW in Sumatra. +

*Odontacolus wallacei Valerio & Austin, 2013: 70. A parasitoid wasp found in Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Malawi.

*Omphalencyrtus wallacei Girault, 1915b: 169 (= Coccidencyrtus wallacei). An encyrtid wasp from Queensland, Australia. Probably named after ARW.

*Pheidole wallacei Mann, 1916: 437. An ant from Brazil. Probably named after ARW.

*Polynema wallacei Girault, 1915a: 166 (= Agalmopolynema wallacei). A mymarid wasp from Queensland, Australia.

*Polyrhachis wallacei Emery, 1887: 223. An ant from Sulawesi. Probably named after ARW.

Scelio wallacei Dodd, 1920: 344. A parasitoid wasp collected by ARW in Dore, New Guinea.

Sphex wallacei Turner, 1908: 467 [new name for S. nitidiventris Smith]. Collected by ARW on Aru. +

*Strumigenys wallacei Emery, 1897: 578. A species of ant from New Guinea, not collected by ARW but probably named after him.

*There is a genus of parasitic wasps named after him - Wallaceaphytis Polaszek & Fusu, 2013: 1116 Click HERE for more information and a genus of stingless bees - Wallacetrigona Engel and Rasmussen, 2017: 5 [Click HERE for more information]


*Crenicichla wallacii Regan, 1905: 163, Wallace's Cichlid. Wallace drew a specimen from the Rio Negro which is in his unpublished pencil drawings of fish, now in the Natural History Museum, London.

*Hydrolycus wallacei Toledo-Piza, Menezes & Santos, 1999. Found in the Rio Negro and upper portions of the Rio Orinoco basin.

*Potamotrygon wallacei Carvalho, Rosa & Araújo, 2016. Wallace's freshwater stingray. Found in the Rio Negro.

*Tetranematichthys wallacei Vari & Ferraris, 2006: 169 (see http // This species occurs in the Amazon and Orinoco basins. Wallace drew a specimen from the Rio Negro or Rio Uaupés basins which is in his unpublished pencil drawings of fish, now in the Natural History Museum, London.


*Epipedobates darwinwallacei Cisneros-Heredia & Yánez-Muñoz, 2010. Darwin-Wallace Poison-Frog. This species from Ecuador was named in honour of both Darwin and Wallace!

Reptiles (Reptilia)

*Brachyorrhos wallacei Murphy et al., 2012: 510. A snake from Halmahera Island, not collected by ARW.

*Cnemaspis wallaceii Pal et al., 2021: xxxiv. Wallace’s Forest Gecko. A gecko from southern India.

*Cyrtodactylus wallacei Hayden et al., 2008: 110. A gecko from Sulawesi, not collected by ARW, but probably named after him.

*A genus of colubrid snakes from India is named after him - Wallaceophis Mirza, Vyas, Patel & Sanap, 2016. CLICK HERE for more information.


Aegotheles wallacii Gray, 1859: 154. Wallace's Owlet-nightjar. Collected by ARW in Manokwari, West Papua. +

Aegotheles wallacii

Alcyone azurea wallaceana Mathews, 1918: 94. (= Alcyone azurea lessonii), Azure Kingfisher. Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands. This name is a synonym. +

Astur wallacii Sharpe, 1874: 128. (= Accipiter fasciatus wallacii), Australasian Goshawk. Collected by ARW in Lombok and Buru. +

Astur wallacii from Sharpe (1874).

Buchanga wallacii Walden, 1870: 220. (= Dicrurus leucophaeus leucophaeus), Ashy Drongo. Collected by ARW in Lombok. This name is a synonym. +

Ceyx wallacii Sharpe, 1868: 270. Variable Dwarf Kingfisher. Collected by ARW in the Sula Islands. +

Chalcophaps wallacei Brüggemann, 1877: 464. (= Chalcophaps stephani wallacei), Stephan’s Dove. Collected by ARW in Sulawesi. +

Columba plumbea wallacei Chubb, 1918: 32. (= Columba plumbea pallescens), Plumbeous Pigeon. Collected by ARW in Para, Brazil. This name is a synonym. +

Dendrochelidon wallacii Gould, 1859: 100. (= Hemiprocne longipennis wallacii), Grey-rumped Treeswift. Collected by ARW in Sulawesi. +

Dendrochelidon wallacii. From Birds of Asia by John Gould, plate 23.

Dendrocincla fuliginosa wallacei Chubb, 1919: 52. (= Dendrocincla fuliginosa fuliginosa), Plain-brown Woodcreeper. Collected by ARW in Para, Brazil. This name is a synonym. +

Dissemurus paradiseus wallacei Hachisuka, 1926: 58. (= Dicrurus paradiseus formosus), Greater Racket-tailed Drongo. Collected by ARW in Java. This name is a synonym. +

Habroptila wallacii Gray, 1860: 365. Invisible or Drummer Rail. Collected by ARW on Halmahera Island, Indonesia. +

Habroptila wallacii from Gray (1860).

Heteropelma wallacii Sclater & Salvin, 1867: 579 (= Schiffornis turdina wallacii), Thrush-like Schiffornis. Collected by ARW in Belém, Brazil. +

Lorius (Eos) wallacei Finsch, 1864: 411 (= Eos squamata squamata), Violet-necked Lory. Collected by ARW in Waigeo Island, Indonesia. This name is a synonym. +

Megapodius wallacei Gray, 1860: 362 (= Eulipoa wallacei), Wallace's Scrubfowl. Collected by ARW on Halmahera Island, Indonesia. +

Megapodius wallacei from Gray (1860).

Mulleripicus wallacei Tweeddale, 1877: 533 (= Mulleripicus fulvus wallacei), Ashy Woodpecker. Collected by ARW in southern Sulawesi.

Munia wallacii Sharpe, 1890: 339 (= Lonchura quinticolor), Five-coloured Munia. This name is a synonym.

Osmotreron wallacei Salvadori, 1893: 42 (= Treron griseicauda wallacei), Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon.

Picumnus wallacii Hargitt, 1889: 230 (= Picumnus aurifrons wallacii), Wallace's or Bar-breasted Piculet. Collected by ARW in the "Upper Amazons".

Pipromorpha oleaginea wallacei Chubb, 1919: 301. (= Mionectes oleagineus wallacei), Ochre-bellied Flycatcher. Collected by ARW in Para, Brazil. +

*Procnias albus wallacei Oren & Novaes, 1985: 24. Wallace's White Bellbird. Not based on specimens ARW collected. Wallace observed this bird near Para (Belem).

Ptilonopus wallacii Gray, 1858: 185, Wallace's Fruit-Dove. Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands, Indonesia.

Ptilonopus wallacii from the original description.

Paradisea (Semioptera) wallacii Gray, 1859: 130 (= Semioptera wallacii), Wallace's Standardwing Bird of Paradise. Collected by ARW on Bacan Island, Indonesia, in 1858.

Paradisea (Semiopterawallacii

Todopsis wallacii Gray, 1862: 429 (= Sipodotus wallacii), Wallace's Fairywren. Collected by ARW on Misoöl Island, Indonesia.

Todopsis wallacii from the original description.

Zosterops wallacei Finsch,1901: 23. Yellow-spectacled White-eye.


*Halmaheramys wallacei Fabre, Reeve, Fitriana, Aplin & Helgen, 2017: 5. Wallace’s large spiny rat, tikus-duri besar Wallace. From Obi Island, Indonesia.

Myoictis wallacii Gray, 1858 (= Myoictis wallacei), Wallace's Dasyure. Collected by ARW in the Aru Islands.

Myoictis wallacii from the original description.

Pteropus wallacei Gray, 1866 (= Styloctenium wallacei), Wallace's Stripe-faced Fruit Bat. Collected by ARW in Sulawesi.

*Tarsius wallacei Merker et al., 2010: . Wallace's Tarsier. From Sulawesi. See http //


Many thanks to the following people for help with names for the groups mentioned:

Blanca Huertas (UK) [butterflies]

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Sergio Pérez Gorjón (Spain) [fungi]

Samuel Shonleben (Malaysia) [reptiles and amphibians]

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