Thomas Wonnacott

The Dell's Architect, Thomas Wonnacott (1834-1918)

by Mr John Webb, March 2001.


In his early life he was a school teacher in Cornwall.


Entered an architectural office when 25 years old. Studied privately and attended lectures by Professor Lewis at University College, London.


Passed Volutary Architectural Examination (Proficiency).


Elected Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A.) on 5 December and read a brief paper on cement concrete.


Elected Fellow of the R.I.B.A. on 28 February.

In his statement attached to his application for election he listed buildings he had designed of a value of £1000 and upwards (the majority being in the Farnham area of Surrey). These included 12 public buildings (non-conformist churches, schools and hotels), 10 houses and shops, and 20 houses or villas, including a villa at Grays for ‘Professor Wallace'. A villa called "Fernlands", Chertsea is noted as being a "concrete villa illustrated in Builder" (it was built in 1870 by Charles Drake, a pioneer builder in concrete).


Has an address in Falmouth, Cornwall.




His wife died.


Thomas Wonnacott died. Obituaries in Surrey and Hants News 21/11/1918 and R.I.B.A. Journal 1919. He was an active Methodist Lay Preacher and an artist. He left 2 sons (including Ernest William Malpas Wonnacott) and 4 daughters.

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