The Trip of a Lifetime: In Search of Wallace and His Living Treasures


In January 2018, experienced naturalist and Wallace expert Dr George Beccaloni will be leading a unique and incredible 12 day cruise to some of the most magical and remote places which Wallace visited in his epic journey around the Malay Archipelago. The itinerary was carefully designed by George and SeaTrek in order to see the maximum possible number of Birds of Paradise and other amazing animals, as well as some of the most spectacular places and best coral reefs in Indonesia (and indeed the World). The cruise ship is a small but luxuriously modernised traditional Indonesian trading vessel and in it we will travel in style to places that very few tourists ever visit.

There are 12 comfortable, air-conditioned cabins on the ship. Each can accommodate two adults and two have an additional bed for a child (minimum age is 4). The cost is US$5950 per person - so the entire cabin would cost US$11,900 (currently £9,118 GBP). Please note that children under 12 go free! This price includes all meals, non-alcoholic drinks (alcoholic drinks are sold at cost price), laundry service and everything else whilst on board - you will not be disappointed!

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Here is the Cruise Summary:

How I wished that I had the brain of a Russel Wallace and could read more clearly the illuminated page of Nature. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This unforgettable cruise will travel to remote exotic Indonesian islands in the wake of the legendary Victorian naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, co-discoverer of natural selection and author of the most famous travelogue about the region, The Malay Archipelago. Like Wallace, we will go in search of the stunningly beautiful Birds of Paradise, which he regarded as “…one of the most beautiful and most wonderful of living things.”

Our journey on-board the Ombak Putih will visit some of the places that most fascinated Wallace: the remote Raja Ampat Islands with their pristine incredibly diverse coral reefs and glorious Birds of Paradise, then on to the magical island of Halmahera where Wallace discovered evolution by natural selection; finally ending our journey on the Spice Island of Ternate, Wallace’s base for his eastern travels and once the centre of the World clove trade.

Along the way, we hope to see some incredible animals, including four (possibly six) species of Birds of Paradise (about the same number Wallace saw), giant clams, massive manta rays, humongous coconut crabs, endangered black macaque monkeys, and if we are very lucky, dugongs. The landscapes will be spectacular: from remote palm-fringed coral islands, to majestic rainforests, to huge smoking conical volcanos. On-board the Ombak Putih we will have comfortable cabins and delicious food. For us there will be none of the hardships that Wallace experienced: more than once he had to make a small parakeet last for two frugal meals as he sat in his small leaking ant-infested hut in the pounding tropical rain.

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Male Wallace's Standardwing Bird of Paradise

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