Mystery of giant painting of Wallace has been solved!

In a recent post on this blog, I asked readers for information about the huge painting below, which features Wallace, Darwin and other scientists. Thanks to Xenia Bogza, the International relations manager of the State Darwin Museum in Moscow, I can confirm that the painting belongs to that museum. Xenia also kindly provided the following information about it:

It was painted in oils in 1926 by Mikhail Dmitrievich Ezuchevsky (1879-1928), it measures 2.62 x 1.85 meters, and is named “The procession of scientists”. The founder of the State Darwin Museum, A.F. Kohts wrote about the painting “A group of outstanding philosophers and naturalists who ensured the victory of evolutionary study walks before the audience. The group is led by Darwin and Wallace who nobly share credit for accomplishments in revealing the great truths, it includes Haeckel and Huxley as their ardent defenders, Lamarck, Saint-Hilaire, and Buffon as proclaimers, Lyell and Baer as critics, Cuvier and Linnaeus as opponents... There is Goethe in the distance, the author of 'Metamorphosis'.”

The no-longer mysterious painting.

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