A magnificent edition of Wallace's book "The Malay Archipelago" has just been published.

The first ever 'deluxe' edition of Wallace's book The Malay Archipelago has just been published by London's prestigious Folio Society in two beautifully bound volumes with a slipcase. Both volumes are illustrated with stunning full page colour plates (33 per volume), which feature Wallace’s own skillful watercolour paintings, plus contemporary illustrations of places he visited, and a selection of some of the amazing animal species he discovered. The book has a preface by Prof. Steve Jones, and a detailed (10,000 word) introduction by the Chairman of the Wallace Fund, Dr George Beccaloni. It also includes the most detailed and accurate timeline of his journey so far published, plus the text of Wallace's famous 'Ternate Essay' about evolution by natural selection (as an Appendix).

The book will be available for sale on about the 15th March 2017 from the Folio Society's online shop, priced £99.

The two volumes and the slipcase.

Title pages of the two volumes

Title page of volume 1

Examples of the colour plates.

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