Go on a trip of a lifetime and help the Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project!

The Wallace Correspondence Project's (WCP) primary funding ended on the 31st December 2020 and the project is now 'ticking over' until funds can be found to produce volume 1 of Wallace's correspondence (as a printed book). The project's director Dr George Beccaloni is currently working 1/2 days per week on the project along with two volunteers and his time is being paid for by past donations made by SeaTrek Sailing Adventures, as a thank you for lecturing on its amazing Wallace-themed natural history cruises in Indonesia (see THIS). The future trips that George will be lecturing on are listed below. All will raise much needed money for the project. On these tours, guests will see some of the most incredible natural history sights the 'Malay Archipelago' has to offer - orang-utans, birds-of-paradise, manta rays, giant birdwing butterflies, and some of the most biodiverse and pristine coral reefs left on planet Earth. Why don't you treat yourself to a holiday of a lifetime and benefit a scholarly project of global importance!?

[All the photos on this page were taken by George on past trips. Clicking the links in green below will take you to a page of information about the trip]


In the Footsteps of Wallace in the Malay Archipelago (Sarawak, Malaysia - Bali, Indonesia), a tour with Jon Baines Tours: 15 - 30 September

In Search of Wallace and his Living Treasures (Ternate Island - Sorong, New Guinea), a cruise with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures: 4 - 15 October

Jewels of Raja Ampat (Sorong, New Guinea - Sorong, New Guinea), a cruise with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures: 18 - 27 October

2023 [The 200th Anniversary of Wallace's Birth!]:

In the Footsteps of Alfred Wallace (Sorong, New Guinea - Ternate Island), a cruise with New Scientist Magazine, in association with with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures: 23 Jan. - 3 Feb. [FULLY BOOKED]

Rare Species, Remote Cultures & Remarkable Corals (Ternate Island - Bitung, Sulawesi), a cruise with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures: 6 - 19 February.

George with Wallace's Golden Birdwing butterfly on Bacan Island.ARTICLES ABOUT SOME OF GEORGE'S PREVIOUS TRIPS

A voyage through Indonesia: tropical reefs and fearless free-divers in the eastern islesNational Geographic Traveller. 2020.

In Wallace's footstepsBBC Wildlife Magazine, 2020.

An evolutionary moment discovering the 'Galapagos of the East'The Telegraph, 2019.

An Indonesian adventure in the wake of Alfred Russel WallaceFinancial Times, 2019.

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