Charles H. Smith Awarded Silver Medal of the Wallace Memorial Fund

Today, May 15 2023, the Wallace Memorial Fund awarded its silver medal to leading Wallace scholar Charles H. Smith (photo to the right), for his invaluable contributions to Wallace scholarship and to the public understanding of Wallace's life and work. No other scholar has published as much Wallace-related material as he has. Not only has Charles tracked down, and in most cases transcribed, Wallace's numerous publications (see HERE) (many of which he 'rediscovered'), but he has also published many scholarly articles and books about Wallace's life and work (see references to his publications HERE). Previous recipients of the silver medal were Wallace fund Patron Bill Bailey, Sir David Attenborough, and James T. Costa. For more information about the Fund's medals click HERE

The Fund has been wanting to award Charles the silver medal for a number of years, but was hoping to present it to him in person when he next visited the UK, where the Fund is based. However, since he has no current plans to visit, the Fund decided to post the medal to him instead. To mark the ocassion of the award, Charles has written an article about how his interest in Wallace began and developed (see HERE). He has also launched a new feature on his well-known Wallace Page website, where readers can submit questions about Wallace and he will publish them and his answer on his site (see HERE).

The Wallace Memorial Fund's Silver Medal

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